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Completion of Documentation

The immigration process is long winded, detailed and often confusing.  You may not be 100% sure which application process fits your situation or what documentation you will need to provide and when.  Combine that with some documents having a specific time limit and the whole process becomes overwhelming and frustrating.

Don’t meet requirements?

In some cases, applications that don’t meet policy requirements may request specific waivers.

No matter what your needs are, be it time savings,  having someone to answer tricky questions or explain what evidence or supporting documentation is required for your application, we are the right choice for you.

  • A competent agent can make the whole process simple and easier.
  • Careful assessment by an agent before lodging an application saves time, cost and effort.
  • Choosing a correct category is important. It increases the chances of acceptance greatly.
  • Significant application fees and associated costs are involved. It can also take long time to process. Having a competent, experienced and honest migration agent can save a great deal of time and the chance of a successful outcome.
  • We assist our successful clients in job search. We liaise with many placement/ recruiting companies in Australia, Canada and New Zealand to help in getting good jobs.
  • An agent will also follow up with the processing office after lodgement to minimize delays and comply with documentation process and will keep you informed of the changes.
  • Correct documentation is required for a successful outcome and an experienced agent can ensure this requirement and many more.

As a New Zealand licensed immigration practitioner we have to meet the required competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

As such we comply with regulatory guidelines on how we provide you, the client with advice and how we conduct our business.

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