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Character Waivers

Complex and Difficult Cases

The nature of immigration is such that there will always be special individual, family or employment situations that don’t easily fit within existing immigration policies.

These cases need to be assessed and progressed on a case by case basis. This may involve a request for the application to be approved as an “exception to policy” within the authority of the relevant INZ Branch office or a special submission to the Office of the Minister of Immigration may be another option.

Character Waivers

It might be hard to talk about any previous criminal convictions or offences. It may be very personal or something you may just wish to forget. We strongly advise you to discuss your situation with our advisors if possible, before you make an application to Immigration. Remember, we are here to confidentially assist you, not judge you. We have seen and heard of many client’s offences. We are here to support and advise you only. Let us assure you we have seen and heard many personal circumstances, we won’t be shocked.

You may have at some time recently or in the past, committed one or many offences. With any Immigration NZ application we strongly believe that honesty is always your best policy. Never just hope Immigration New Zealand won’t find out.

Immigration NZ has robust procedures for police checks. It has been our experience over many years that if they don’t already know about your past they soon will!

Unfortunately, honesty itself might not be enough to qualify you for a character waiver!

The good news is that our experienced Immigration Advisors are trained to handle such matters and provide honest advice on your chances of successfully obtaining a character waivers on your behalf- this is the process whereby we ask Immigration to grant you the visa despite the character issues.

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